Johnny English Strikes Again2018

Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again Seven years following the events of Reborn Reborn, a cyber attack has exposed MI7’s field agents, leading MI7 to re-instate agents who are inactive, such as Johnny English. He is now a geography instructor. Johnny English secretly instructs his students to become experts in espionage.

English agent who was disabled by accident all the retired agents. He is the only agent who is still willing to take on the task. He insists on his former partner as well as MI7 agent, Jeremy Bough. English and Bough have their own tools which includes explosive jellybeans as well as an electronic tracker concealed in a sherbet fountain.

They are in Hotel Magnifique, Antibes. The cyberattack started. Ophelia Buletova, a Russian agent, holds the prisoners. But they are released after being able access to the servers of a huge computer.

English and Bough were running out of gas while driving Bhuletova’s electric BMW across the nation. English arrives at the Hotel de Paris and learns she is an informer. English, however, rejects her suspicions. She takes a medication that causes him to become hyperactive.

The Prime Minster is forced to agree with Jason Volta (a billionaire from Silicon Valley) after more cyber-attacks. The information will be revealed during the next session.

English and Bough discover that Volta is the owner of the Dot Calm and begin to believe that he’s responsible for the cyber attack.

English finds out that Bhuletova is also an informant on his arrival at the mansion. He records evidence of Volta’s schemes via her iPhone but is exposed by hitting an icon and playing a song of a different genre. English escapes by hijacking the car of a driving instructor , and is then returned to MI7 after being chased by Volta. He mixes iPhones and the driver to confuse MI7 and Volta. She hears about the virtual reality incident and the restaurant, and begins to research English, Bough, and Pegasus. The G12 meeting is held in Scotland. Bough convinces him that Volta can’t be stopped, and invites his wife Lydia as the Navy captain of the sub HMS Valor, to get to Garroch Castle via Loch Nevis.

Bhuletova is trying to kill Volta But she’s aware she is spy. English then calls MI7, and ignores Lydia’s warning not to use her mobile close to submarines.

An MI7 secretary unintentionally places two phones near one another and one of them is answering calls from English and the other from Lydia and a call to confirm a launch code English inadvertently keyed in. In error, when given the command to strike through English, Lydia launches a ballistic missile. The missile hits the Sherbet Fountain beacon, that was left by English on the Calm. It damages Volta’s vessel and Volta’s server. English in an armour-suit chase Volta to the helicopter and plans to redirect the missile towards the Nevada server.

English gets an iPad from Bhuletova to enable Volta’s Aerospatiale Gazelle. He then smashes Volta on the head using the tablet. After that English smashes his phone with a sword using his smartphone to stop the attack. The armor was removed erroneously while dressing before journalists as well as G12 leaders.

English is a choice at the school for students and is welcomed by the students. He discovers to his surprise that the headmaster is about accept one of the explosive jellybeans.


Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) พยัคฆ์ร้าย ศูนย์ ศูนย์ ก๊าก รีเทิร์น

Johnny English Strikes Again 2018