Jungleland 2019

Jungleland (2019) พี่น้องสังเวียนเถื่อน

Jungleland Two brothers, Walter “Lion” Kaminski, a talented professional boxer, and his brother, Stanley Kaminski, an ex-con and Lion’s idealistic manager, work menial jobs in a sewing factory. In the evening, they participate in underground boxing matches, sleeping in an abandoned home in the slums of Fall River, Massachusetts along with their dog, Ash. Stanley has a debt of $2,000 to “Pepper”, a local criminal. Pepper then allows the money to purchase a horse Lion’s next fight. Pepper arrives to watch the fight, but Lion realizes that Stanley had placed a bet on winning. Lion decides to throw the fight. An enraged Pepper beats Stanley, but sees potential in Lion because of his skills. He suggests that they repay the debt through completing the task of driving Sky and a girl from Nevada to pay their debts by making Lion participate in an underground contest at San Francisco’s Chinatown. In a bind, Stanley agrees and Pepper offers him cash, an SUV and an pistol. Sky encounters Lion in a bar in the midst of Stanley is having sex in a hotel. Sky creates a distraction by drugging Lion with Xanax to try to take his keys from his car. She crashes the vehicle and runs off before Stanley catches up to her. Stanley locks her up in the hotel room and then calls Pepper to inquire about the situation. Stanley is furious that she’s been taken to Yates, a dangerous gangster with whom he has had past dealings. Jungleland HD

Sky begs Stanley and Lion to stop taking her to Reno. Yates will kill her however, Stanley says Pepper could kill everyone if they do. They drive the vehicle to the nearby garage, but don’t have the money to pay for the repairs. While searching through Sky’s wallet, Stanley finds out her real name is Mary McGinty and her family lives in Gary, Indiana. To meet their family, they take a taxi and pretend to be churchgoers. After insulting and demeaning Sky for the ” sinful” way she’s gone her mother orders the group to quit. They squat in an abandoned school to sleep and there Sky and Lion continue to bond, and Lion reveals their dream to start the doors of a dry cleaning business. Sky is intrigued by the brother’s relationship. He observes that Stanley treats Lion as a servant and not as a brother. Lion objected to this. The two return to the garage at the beginning of the day and agree to have the car when Lion beats both of them in a street fight. A reluctant Lion accepts the deal and easily beats the two. The trio drive across the country and stop to eat lunch at a restaurant , where Lion complains to Stanley of using him for his own advantage. Stanley is furious and reminds Lion of all the sacrifices that he has made to assist Lion, but he retorts by revealing his arthritis and the difficulty in getting his hands moving and remembering things due to the fighting he has done. The outburst of Ash and Stanley is a reason for them to be kicked out of the restaurant when Ash starts to bark continuously and Stanley is slapped by an irate customer and having the SUV towed.

Stanley without funds or transportation, offers Ash from the restaurant to a father/son without telling Lion. Lion attacks him. The three get on the bus headed to Reno, but Lion and Sky arrive at Carson City, Nevada, leaving a sleeping Stanley who wakes up in Reno and is snatched by Yates men for failing to deliver Sky. Sky is encouraged by Lion to join him to a bar after he has fallen in love with Sky’s. Sky does not agree and they sex in the bathroom, which is when Lion realizes that Sky is pregnant with Yates baby. Stanley takes her gun away and leaves some cash behind and uses it to pay to pay for Reno. He finds Yates’ hideout and the tortures Stanley. He then executes Yates. A liberated Stanley says that the pair could escape together and not have to travel to San Francisco, but Lion is determined to fight at Jungleland. He reluctantly agrees to go with him, and before the fight, he weeps, apologizing for the hurt he caused Lion. Lion is gracious and presents the robe, made by Sky, as a gift. Stanley is impressed. The two go to the ring, and Lion fights with skill, but is distracted and was knocked down. Stanley, regretfully, insists on Lion to stay down and says that they can take on other tasks in their lives. But, Lion wins the fight in stunning fashion. Stanley is willing to drop in order to allow the police to arrest Lion. Stanley is escorted away by handcuffs as Lion celebrates his win and Sky arrives at the venue. They are seen together as the credits roll.